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The Live Portrait technology blends Augmented Reality (AR) with Image Recognition
to create images that literally come to life through smart devices.

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Experience The Magic Of Live Portrait!

Simply scan the image on the right with the Live Portrait app on your cellphone or tablet to see it come to life.

It’s that easy!

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Create a more engaging experience for your customers with Live Portrait.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Live Portrait?

A Live Portrait is a photograph or image that has been linked to a video. When you use the free Live Portrait App to scan the photograph, the linked video will play on your smartphone. The Live Portrait platform is patent pending and was created by entrepreneurs Robert Nunn and Samuel Zaribian.

How does the Live Portrait app work?

The magic happens when our software analyzes the printed image by creating a mathematical model based on shapes, lines, proportions, colors and other elements. It then matches the model against images already in Live Portrait’s database. When a match is found what you see is a 3D, mapped digital video playing on top of your print, living in the physical world.

What mobile devices support the Live Portrait app?

Who uses the Live Portrait service?

The Live Portrait service is used by professional photographers, publishers, and content creators. They use Live Portrait, with their traditional printed images as a key, to ‘unlock’ a video that creates a more engaging experience.

How do I know what to scan?

Make sure that the photo you’re trying to scan is Live Portrait enabled. Our clients typically provide their customers app download instructions and some place the Live Portrait icon towards the bottom of the actual image. Our app does not work on photos that are not in our database and does not scan any type of barcode.  Make sure the photo you’re scanning is well lit and try to minimize any glare or shadows, and your Internet or wireless connection is working properly. If you’re scanning a photo and see the “loading video” pop up but no video appears, it’s typically due to a poor Internet connection.

How much does it cost?

Our product is currently resold by photography print labs. The charge will typically vary depending on the size of your order. If you have an order involving multiple videos your photography lab will offer a rate that decreases on a sliding scale based on the volume of your order.

How do I get started?

We will be launching a monthly membership program in February 2017. If you have a specific project or idea in mind that you’d like to implement using Live Portrait technology, please contact us and we’ll respond within one business day. If you have a single image you want to connect to a video you can also do it directly through our website. Please visit our dashboard login page to get started.

If your company goes out of business, what happens to my videos?

Photos scanned and videos viewed through our app are 100% owned by the content creator who uploaded the content into our system. We have a multi-tiered recovery plan that will be executed in the unlikely event that our company ceases to do business, to ensure that your videos will never be lost. We also encourage content creators to keep a copy of the videos they upload into our system.

I am ordering Live Portraits through a re-seller. How do I know how often my photos are being scanned with the app?

We can provide a report showing the number of times your photo(s) have been scanned. Please send us an e-mail at Be sure to include the photolab or reseller name and order number.

I am a photographer. Can you create an app for me using my company name instead of Live Portrait?

Our company currently does not allow for white labeled apps for photographers. Our mission is for all photographers to benefit from the technology trends that are being set by companies such as Apple and Facebook. These companies are embracing the new “normal” that photos should move. Photographers that use our service are finding that consumers enjoy getting this new technology when purchasing a traditional print.